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Feeding and Nurturing Your Gut Microbiota

There’s plenty of research out there to explain how important the health of the tiny bacteria in your gut is to your health, and actually, these days there are a number of great doctors translating the information into specific, practical suggestions.  The gap I see is between people who are very sick with auto-immune diseases […]

If you have Ulcerative Colitis or Leaky Gut – Make Your Own Bone Broth!

Bone broth is nothing new.  Eating bone marrow and making stock from bones has been around and part of healthy eating for centuries and it’s good for everyone because it is rich in nutrients like magnesium and calcium that support your immune system, feed your gut microflora, and keep your bones strong.  But for folks […]

Reducing and Preventing Food Sensitivities with a Rotation Diet

When our journey began with my daughter’s Ulcerative Colitis, we knew nothing of food sensitivities or food intolerances, but identifying and reducing these sensitivities has been a key to her recovery and prolonged remission so I want to share our experience. First, if you want more formal information about food sensitivities (IgG) versus food allergies […]

A Rotational Menu for Your Health Benefit

This rotation menu is for a gluten, soy, egg, dairy and shellfish-free diet. It takes you through each day of the week as well as each meal of the day.

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