Understanding the Rotation Diet

Allergix IgG4 Food Reaction Patient Guide

Functional Medicine:
Alejandra Carrasco, M.D., at Nourish Medicine

If you are dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease you know that the answers provided by western medicine are pretty bleak. Dr. Alex helped us discover my daughter’s food allergies and several other aspects of her diet that were keeping her intestines inflamed. She listens, cares, and has the education and intelligence to apply the research into her practice of medicine. I found her by looking for certified “functional medicine” physicians here in Austin. Functional medicine looks for the reasons why disease is occurring, instead of just treating the symptoms of the disease. We are so fortunate to have found her.

Understanding Inflammatory Foods:
The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin. This seems like a “diet” book but she really makes the basics of understanding inflammatory foods easy.

Ulcerative Colitis Community:
Adam Schudney

Ongoing medical Information: